Success Mastery

Abundance Mastery

Live Your Soul Purpose

Empowerment Mastery

Life Changing Online Courses

Enjoy powerful personal development programs from the comfort of your own home

Personal Development Programs

Clear your blocks biggest life blocks and embrace a new way of being from the comfort of your own home

Success Mastery

Clear your internal blocks about success and reaching the next level. Reporgram your system and mind-set for success on all levels.

Abundance Mastery

Free yourself from generations of money blocks. Reprogram your mind-set, body and eneregtic system for enjoying infinite abundance.

Empowerment Mastery

Clear blocks to standing in your power. Heal old power struggles. Reclaim your power and shine your light proudly as your true-self.

Relationship Mastery

Heal and release love and relationship blocks and fears. Improve your relationship with yourself and others. Attract better relationships.

Live Your Soul Purpose

Align with your soul purpose. Clear blocks to being your true, authentic self so you can proudly share the gift that you are with the world.

Manifesting Mastery

Learn the keys to utilising the law of attraction to work for you. Clear blocks to manifesting your dreams. Step into your power as a creator.

What You Receive When You Enrol

Video Tutorials

Allow the video guides to take you through many of the common blocks that have been holding you back from health, wealth, happiness & abundance.

Empowering Techniques

You will learn powerful techniques to connect with your subsonscious and inner wisdom on a daily basis.

Audio Processes

Relax and allow my voice to guide you through releasng your blocks and reprogramming your mind & body with programs that support your well-being.

Freedom Tools

Learn amazing techniques for clearing your blocks, fears and resistance that you can use for the rest of your life.

PDF Process Sheets

These guides will allow you to connect with your inner wisdom and identify the subconscious blocks that have been holding you back


Connect with myself and others on the same personal journey through private groups for each course.

What Others Are Saying

Thank you Philippa, it was such a wonderful experience. It was so empowering to release such limiting beliefs and blocks and also to learn about my power in more depth. I will definately be back in touch for another workshop or some persoanl sessions and I will be passing your details onto my friends. Thank you again

Nicola Snoad

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Spiritual Expansion Programs

Connect more deeply with your higher-self, your intuitive inner wisdom and your guides.

Coming Soon

Energetic Daily Care

Feel the immense benefits of bringing grounding, centring, cleansing and protection into your daily routine.

Chakra Balancing

 Learn about the ancient chakra system that is being reawakened. Scan and balance your own chakras.

Awaken the Healer Within

We all have natural healing abilities, find out how to tap into yours to balance yourself daily.

Connect with Your Soul Support Team

Connect with your gaurdian angel and personal soul support team. Learn how to work with them daily.

Divine Crystology

Learn all about working with crystals. Choosing, cleansing, connecting with crystals and layouts to balance your whole system.

Healing with Colour

Bring the healing frequencies of colour into your life to calm, centre, focus, balance, energise or heal your mind, body and energy.