Abundance Mastery

Clear Your Money Blocks

What are your biggest money blocks?

  • Is money a struggle?
  • Do you worry about not having enough?
  • Do you experience money as light, fun and easy? or heavy and stressful?
  • Do you charge what your really worth?
  • Do you want to reach the next level of abundance, but feel blocked?

It’s because of your programming!

The subconscious beliefs and energetic imprints that we hold about money directly effect the results that we get (or don’t get) in our lives. The key to getting different results is to clear your blocks, change your programming and shift your mind-set.

And guess what? Most of these limiting programs aren’t even yours, they are handed down through society, culture, parents and ancestors, media, school and even from past lifetimes.

Quite simply, you can’t experience abundance if your subconscious programming is against it!

Clear those blocks and start enjoying abundance in your life!

It’s time to clear, release and free yourself from those outmoded fears and limiting conditioning and install new programs that you deserve abundance, that money is fun, easy and in infinite supply. When you change your programming, you transform your mind-set and perspective from the inside, so that you start to attract, create and experience money in new and powerful ways in your outer life with a new level of self-belief.

Prosperity Consciousenss

Reprogram your System for
Infinite Abundance

Would you like to clear your money blocks and start experiencing prosperity in new ways?

This program will help you clear your money blocks 

Clear Money Blocks

  • Clear money and lack fears
  • Dissolve money blocks
  • Release generations of money blocks
  • Free yourself from old vows, agreements & contracts that block abundance today
  • Heal past life experiences with money
  • Experience a financial karmic debt clearing

Install New Programs

  • Redefine money and abundance
  • Money is fun and easy
  • Money is spiritual
  • You deserve abundance
  • The feeling of abundance
  • Youcan have money and be a good person
  • You love money and money loves you

Abundance Mind-Set

  • Align energetically with abundance
  • How to attract abundance
  • Gratitude mind-set
  • Freedom from money worries
  • Feel comfortable with abundance
  • Find the true goal of money for you
  • Techniques to keep you on track and clear any future blocks

Experience Abundance

  • Feel confident to charge what your worth
  • Stop worrying about money
  • Enjoy receiving
  • Attract new opportunities
  • See money in a new more enjoyable perspective

These are some of the common blocks you will be releasing during this program

  • I’m scared money running out
  • Theres not enough to go around
  • The only way I can get lots of money is through the lottery
  • I’m scared of having too much money (yes, this really is more common than you think)
  • Will my friends and family still accept me if I’m rich?
  • I’m scared of poverty
  • I’m scrared of losing my security
  • I’m used to struggle
  • Will people want to pay what I’m really worth

Limiting money beliefs

  • Money doesn’t grow on trees
  • I have to work hard for a living
  • There’s not enough to go round
  • It’s selfish or wrong to want too much
  • It’s unspiritual to have lots of money
  • Money is bad or corrupt
  • Good people don’t need lots of money
  • Always save for a rainy day
  • Money changes people
  • I resent rich people

Past-life, ancestral and group consciosness money blocks

  • Vows of poverty
  • Agreements to stay poor to be accepted
  • Soul contarcts to stay at certain level
  • Vows to having nothing for your spiritual path
  • Beleifs that money is the root of evil
  • Old financial contract and debts
  • Past suffering with money, power and self-worth
  • The ways money has been used by yourself and others

Money and power

  • Vows of avoid to your own power
  • How money has been used as power
  • Ways that money has determined our self-worth
  • The ways money has been used by yourself and others
  • What has happened in the name of money
  • Pst-life experiences of position (low and high) and what you made it mean about yoursefl, life and money

Free yourself from money blocks and reprogram yourself for abundance today

Abundance Can Only Reach You If You Believe It Can

“Abundance is not something we acquire, it is something we tune into.” 

Wayne Dyer

Course Content

This empowering video and audio program will guide you through pre recorded and powerful processes to clear your biggest subsconscious success blocks and reprogram your mind, body and energetic system for cosmic success.

Bonus – priceless techniques to tap into your inner wisdom and clear your own blocks

Bonus 2 – lifetime memebrship to the Shine & Thrive Community

Redefine Money

What is your definition of money? Is it light and fun? Or heavy and tiring?

If you carrying subconscious programs that money is bad, unspiritual, stressful, corrupts or is hard work to come by then that will be your experience of money in your life today.

You will be recoding your mind, body and energetic system with new defintions of money being a fomr of energy, unconditional live, thats its  fun, easy, enjoyable

From survive to thrive

Do you belive that money is in short supply or infinite supply?

If you carrying subconscious programs about lack, then money will always be struggle and you will experience alot of fear around money, no matter how much you have.

You will experience releasing you lack programming and reprogramming your mind, body and energetic system with infinite abundance.

Clear money fears

Do you worry about money?

If you carry money fears in your subconscious then money will always be a worry and take up lots of your time in fear. Then this becomes what you manifest and attract. Many of these fears are very old and no longer relevant in your life.

You will be recoding your mind, body and energetic system with new programs that having lots of money is safe and enjoyable

Financial karmic debt clearing

In this module you will be clearing up and releasing past-life, ancestral and group consciousness old debts, agreements an obligations that are blocking your abundance today and keeping you stuck in an abundance hole in this life.

As you release these from your subconscious and energetic system, you free yourself to embrace abunadnce in new ways.

Get ready to receive

Are you comfortable receiving?

If you’re not then receiving money and feeling comforatble sharging what your really worth will be challenging.

You will be clearing blocks about receiving and reprogramming yourself to enjoy receiving, that you are fully deserving and worthy of infinite abundance, so that you can comfortably charge what your really worth and reap the rewards.

Prosperity empowerment

Heal your relationship with money and power!

Money has been used as power for thousands of years, throughout your souls journey you have played many different rols and absobed from society and ancestors about money and power, from lives of high powerful positions, lives of servitude, suffering or slavery and the ways we that we have suffered or sacrifed for money.

These all leave subconscious programs and energetic imprints about our self-worth, money and power. You will expeorence healing and releasing these, and reclaiming any of your power lost through these experiences, so that you confidently stand inyour power an attract and enjoy money in a higher vibration, free from power struggles.

Financial freedom

During ths module you will experience clearing any external blocks to money and cleansing your whole energetic system ready for abundance.

Abundance Mind-Set

Learn the keys to staying in an abundance mind-set on a daily basis

Discover the common mistakes to avoid that so many people make with a prosperity mind-set.

Attract higher and higher levels of abundance into your life.

Course Delivery

  • Video guides
  • Audio Processes
  • PDF fun sheets
  • Bonus tools to clear your blocks that you can use forever

Accessable from any PC or mobile device


Clear Your Blocks & Shine

Create Inner Change
Outer Results

 Reprogram yourself, your life and your career to thrive with wealth and prosperity

This program is ideal for you if

    • You spend alot of time worrying about money
    • You catch yourself thinking about scarcity and lack
    • You are running programmes that you should be content with what you have
    • You feel uncomfortable charging what you know you’re really worth
    • You regularly undercharge and over deliver
    • You put lots of time and energy into your business, but what shows up in your bank doesn’t match your efforts
    • You feel like making money is always an uphill struggle to survive and get by
    • You think that increasing your income will mean working longer and harder
    • You feel selfish, uncomfortable or guilty spending money on yourself or asking clients for money

This program is NOT for you if 

  • You are happy with the level of abundance you have reached and don’t want to go any further
  • You don’t like doing inner work

Let’s clear those money blocks and reprogram your mind, body and energetic system for abundance today

What Our Others Are Saying

Don’t just take it from me, let others tell you what they think!

Thank you Philippa, it was such a wonderful experience. It was so empowering to release such limiting beliefs and blocks and also to learn about my power in more depth. I will definately be back in touch for another workshop or some persoanl sessions and I will be passing your details onto my friends. Thank you again

Nicola Snoad

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Program Creator & Facilitator

Philippa King

Intuitive Breakthrough Specialist &

Personal Freedom Teacher

I’ve been teaching and helping people to clear their blocks and create lives they love for 2 decades. I look forward to helping you to clear your money blocks so you can start experiencin new levels of prosperity in your life.


Move into Abundance & Prosperity Consciousness

Clear your blocks and create a life you love, thriving with cosmic success

What You Receive When You Enrol

Video Tutorials

Allow the video guides to take you through many of the common blocks that have been holding you back from abundance.

Abundance Mind-Set

You will learn powerful techniques to connect with your subsonscious and transform your mind-set into a new level of wealth consciousness

Audio Processes

Relax and allow my voice to guide you through done-fo-you recordings to releasng your blocks and reprogramming you for prosperity.

Freedom Tools

Learn amazing techniques for dissolving your blocks, fears and resistance that you can use for the rest of your life.

PDF Process Sheets

These guides will guide you to connect with your inner wisdom. Discover your blocks to clear and shift your focus to a new way of experiencing money


Connect with myself and others through private members only FB shine and thrive group. Share your journey of transformation.

Are you ready to clear your money blocks, reach the next level of prosperity and step in abundance consciousness?

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When you enrol you will get instant access to the program materials and then take the time that is right for you to complete the processes within the course.