Empowerment Mastery

Proudly shine your light and your gifts


What are your biggest empowerment blocks?

  • Where do you hide or play small?
  • Do you fear power or your own power?
  • Where do you hold yourself back?
  • Do you give away to much of your time, energy and gifts?
  • Do you sacrifice your needs and happiness for the needs of others?
  • Do you express your true-self fully and proudly?

It’s because of your programming!

The subconscious beliefs and energetic imprints that we hold about ourselves and power directly effect the results that we get (or don’t get) in our lives. The key to getting different results is to clear your blocks, change your programming and shift your mind-set.

And guess what? Most of these limiting programs aren’t even yours, they are handed down through society, culture, parents and ancestors, media, school and even from past lifetimes. 

Clear those blocks and stand in your power!

Our true power is the power to be free, to be happy, to be and express our truesleves, share your gifts and be the powerful creators we are creating and living  the life that we want, that contributes to us, our growth and joy and to the world! To love, value, appreciate, respect and honour everything that is you and your own uniqueness!

It’s time to clear, release and free yourself from those outmoded power fears, blocks and struggles that been holding you back from your full potential and install new programs that its safe for you to be your true-self, express your gifts and create the life you want, not what others want you to have. When you change your programming, you transform your mind-set and perspective from the inside, so that you start to attract, create and experience money in new and powerful ways in your outer life with a new level of freedom and self-empowerment.


Reprogram your System
Shine Your Light

Would you like to clear your power blocks and start fulfilling your true potential ?

This program will help you clear deep seated power blocks
and struggles and reclaim your power


Clear Power Blocks

  • Clear power fears
  • Heal feelings of powerlessness
  • Dissolve power struggles
  • Release generations of power blocks
  • Free yourself from old vows, agreements & contracts 
  • Clear beliefs power is dominance
  • Heal past life experiences with power
  • Reclaim your lost power

Install New Programs

  • Redefine power to empowerment
  • Put yourself first
  • Confidence to be your true-self, share your gifts, share your message
  • Speak your truth
  • Love, value and appreciate yourself
  • Create healthy boundaries
  • Learn to say no to demands on your time and energy

Empowerment Mind-Set

  • Align energetically with empowerment
  • Sand in your power
  • Respect your healthy boundaries
  • Speak your truth with confidence
  • Feel comfortable saying no
  • Daily power check
  • Acknowledge your value and worth
  • Put your needs first

Experience Empowerment

  • Feel more confident 
  • Stop playing small
  • Move forward
  • Attract new opportunities
  • Have more energy
  • Listen to and honour your own guidance above others
  • Feel respected and valued

These are some of the blocks you will be releasing during this program

Power fears

  • I’m scared of feeling powerless
  • I’m scared of my own power
  • I fear power going to my head
  • I’m scared that power will corrput me
  • I’m scared of my intuitive powers
  • I fear power
  • I’m scraed of abusing my power
  • Im scared of others misusing my powers
  • Im scared of owing others or having to sacrifce my power
  • I’m scared of upsetting, letting down or disappointing ……

Limiting power beliefs

  • Power is strong / dominating
  • Power corrupts people
  • I’m weak / powerless 
  • I feel powerless
  • I give away my power
  • I have to give away my power
  • I’m a victim
  • Blame, self-judgement, ctiticism
  • Not taking responsibilty
  • I have to be perfect, be a certain way to be loved/liked/accepted

Past-life, ancestral and group consciousness power blocks

  • Vows of power
  • Labels from position of poer or p0werlessness
  • Collective soul contracts to avoid using your power
  • Past experiences of power struggles 
  • Sacrifice and loss of power
  • Old obligations, duties and responsibilities
  • Past suffering with power and self-worth
  • The ways power has been used by yourself and others
  • Past-life experiences of position (low and high) and what you made it mean about yoursefl, life and power

Empowerment blocks

  • Ways that power has determined our self-worth
  • What has happened in the name of power
  • Doubting your power as creator
  • Giving too much time, energy away
  • Putting yourself last
  • Not having healthy boundaries or being able to say no
  • Indecision, allowings ohers to make decisions for you
  • Not trusting your-self and your inner wisdom
  • Internal promises to reject or avoid to your own power
  • Living other peoples pland and expectations 

Free yourself from power blocks and reprogram yourself to shine

The Power of The Whole Universe is Within You

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. Your playing small does not serve the world.”


Course Content

This empowering video and audio program will guide you through pre recorded and powerful processes to clear your biggest subsconscious success blocks and reprogram your mind, body and energetic system for cosmic success. 

Bonus 1 – priceless techniques to tap into your inner wisdom and clear your own blocks

Bonus 2 – lifetime membership the the Shine & Thrive community

Redefine Power

What is your definition of power? 

Generally the most common defintions of power are strength, strong or about being more powerful than another. Power has not been always been used in the best ways fro the highest good. 

You will be recoding your mind, body and energetic system with new defintions of power being empowerment, alignment, being your true-self.

Clear Power Fears

If you carrying subconscious fears about power, powerlessness or fear of your own power, you will always be holding yourself back from your full potential.

In this module you will experience releasing you power fears and recoding your mind, body and energetic system to connecting with your inner powe and install new programs to feel safe and standing in your power.

You will be releasing past life, ancestral and group consciousnes vows, agreements, repsonsibilites, obligations and labels to free up your energy to be in your power today.

Reclaim Your Power

Where do you give away too much of your time and energy? Or try to please others?

These are just some of the was we give away our power, but there are also many soul experinces wher we may have lost our power.

You will be recalling all your lost power and recoding your mind, body and energetic system to have everything that is you valued and respected. You will also learn how to check in on your power daily and ensure you don’t give it away in the future 

Empowement Mind-Set

Learn how to stay in your power , listen to and honour your true-self and inner wisdom above all else on a daily basis

Empowerment Alignment

We will be balancing the masculine and feminine energies.

Download your system to have healthy boundaries on your time, energy, ideas, your power. Love, value and appreciate yourself.

 Then you will discover the highest and best psychci protection for your energ system, so that you can use this on a daily basis to prevent you from getting, tired, drained or picking up on other peoples stuff. 

Course Delivery

  • Video guides
  • Audio Processes
  • PDF fun sheets
  • Bonus tools to clear your blocks that you can use forever

Accessable from any PC or mobile device


Clear Your Blocks & Shine

Create Inner Change
Outer Results

 Reprogram yourself to proudly stand in your power and be your true-self

This program is ideal for you if

    • You are a people pleaser
    • You give away to much of your time and energy
    • You don’t value and believe in yourself and your gifts
    • You don’t have healthy boundaries on your time and energy
    • Your are scared of your own power
    • You play small or hold yourself back from your full potential
    • You have trouble speaking your truth
    • You find it hard to say no

This program is NOT for you if 

  • You are totally empowered in every area of your life
  • You don’t like doing inner work

Let’s clear those power blocks and recode your mind, body and energetic system for

What Our Others Are Saying

Don’t just take it from me, let others tell you what they think!

Thank you Philippa, it was such a wonderful experience. It was so empowering to release such limiting beliefs and blocks and also to learn about my power in more depth. I will definately be back in touch for another workshop or some persoanl sessions and I will be passing your details onto my friends. Thank you again

Nicola Snoad

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Program Creator & Facilitator

Philippa King

Intuitive Breakthrough Specialist &

Personal Freedom Teacher

I’ve been teaching and helping people to clear their blocks and create lives they love for 2 decades. I look forward to helping you to clear your power blocks so you can shine as your true-self


Move into Empowerment Consciousness 

Clear your blocks and create a life you love, shining your gifts

What You Receive When You Enrol

Video Tutorials

Allow the video guides to take you through many of the common blocks that have been holding you back from abundance.

Empowerment Mind-Set

You will learn powerful techniques to connect with your subsonscious and transform your mind-set into a new level of empowerment consciousness

Audio Processes

Relax and allow my voice to guide you through done-fo-you recordings to releasng your blocks and reprogramming you for prosperity.

Freedom Tools

Learn amazing techniques for dissolving your blocks, fears and resistance that you can use for the rest of your life.

PDF Process Sheets

These guides will guide you to connect with your inner wisdom. Discover your blocks to clear and shift your focus to a new way of experiencing money


Connect with myself and others through private members only FB shine and thrive group. Share your journey of transformation.

Are you ready to clear your power blocks, reach the next level and step into your full potential

 Access to the whole program is available for only



When you enrol you will get instant access to the program materials and then take the time that is right for you to complete the processes within the course.