Live Your Soul Purpose

Let Your Inner Light Shine

What is your soul purpose?

Your soul purpose is different to your life purpose. We each have a different soul purpose depending on the stage of our souls journey, we choose our own purpose at a higher conscious level as we grow in love and consciousness, it may be community, love, family, compassion. 

Be your true-self!

But your main soul purpose that never changes is to be you, your true-self! Your true-self is an infinite being of consciousness and the more you connect with your true-self and start allowing your true-self to shine through, the more clarity, purpose, freedom and inner peace you discover.

Walk Your Own Path
Be Your True-Self

Would you like to clear your soul purpose blocks and start living your soul purpose more deeply?

Do these sound familiar?

Do you struggle with being and expressing your true-self?
Are you a people pleaser?
Do you often feel alone and misunderstood?
Or fear judegment from others if you do what you want to do?
Do you feel lost or that you should be doing something else, but you don’t know what?

Exciting times

We are living in changing times, the veil of forgetfulness is lifting, we are individually and collectively remembering and awakening at a deep soul level to who we really are and full potential. This time offers a golden opportunity to clear and release the inner clutter of conditioning, limiting beliefs, soul contracts, obligations and energetic imprints that have been holding us back from being our true-selves, so that we can live more fully as your true authentic self and fulfil your soul purpose.

Reconnect with your soul purpose

These beliefs and obligations to be and live a certain way can leave us feeling disconnected from our true-selves, our purpose and then we can feel out of sink, tired and lost. This course will guide you through clearing the blocks to connecting with your true-self and your soul purpose and reprogram your mind, body and energetic system to let your true light shine through, so that you can feel more connected and remember who you really are, an infinfite being of the universe. Connect with your personal soul support team.

Let your inner light shine through

When you are in alignment with your true-self and soul purpose you feel better physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. You can really enjoy being you, sharing your gifts with the world and creating a fulfilling life that contributes to you and the world  There is no-oe else like you in the whole universe, with your unique skills, knowledge, passions and talents. Your here to celebrate being you, to enjoy your gifts, to learn, grow, play and manifest.

This program align your move deeply with your soul purpose


Clear Soul Purpose Blocks

  • Living your soul purpose fears
  • Freedom from old contracts
  • Clear obligations
  • Heal past-lives
  • Karmic debt clearing

Install New Programs

  • Safe to be your true-self
  • Remember your true-self
  • Bring forward your gifts
  • Safe to express your gifts
  • Connect with your purpose

Soul Purpose Healing

  • Align with your soul purpose
  • Soul cleanse & repair
  • Reclaim soul pieces
  • Daily exercises for alignment
  • Conect with your soul support team

Personal Freedom

  • Free yourself to be you
  • Expess your true-self
  • Feel more connected and aligned
  • Have clarity on your purpose
  • Deeper inner peace

There is nothing more fulfilling than being your true-self
and sharing your gifts

“Living your purpose is about being in alignment with best and most authentic self everyday”

Stacey Martino

Course Content

This empowering video and audio program will guide you through pre recorded and powerful processes to clear your biggest subsconscious success blocks and reprogram your mind, body and energetic system for cosmic success. 

Bonus – priceless techniques to tap into your inner wisdom and clear your own blocks

Bonus 2 – lifetime membership of the Shine & Thrive community

Clear your soul purpose fears

You will be clearing and releasing subconscious blocks and fears of:

  • Being your true-self
  • Expressing your true-self
  • Walking your own path
  • Making your own choices
  • Being heard, seen and understood
  • Bringing your gifts to earth
  • Sharing your gifts
  • Your gifts being used, abused or misused by yourself or others
  • Being on earth

Karmic debt clearing

Karmic debts are soul agrrements made with others to play out different roles for growth and learning individually and collectively. While some may be still be important to your souls growth and expansion, we are being encouraged at this time to be freed of those which are no longer serving the new lighter frequencies that we are collectively moving into. You will be healing and releasing the ones that no longer serve you so that you are freed up to be your true-self.

  • Past-life agreements and contracts
  • Old responsibilites and promises
  • Old obligations and duties
  • Old vows and oaths

Soul cleanse

You will experience a deep soul cleanse, a declutter of of your soul’s light. During your souls journey you have collected symbols or external influences that may still be active in your vibration. These can casue disruptions and blocks to your vibration. you will then experince a soul recalibration, bringing back any lost soul pieces so you feel more whle and complete.

  • Clear symbols and energy field disruptions
  • Bring back lost souls pieces

Soul Alignment

During your infinite souls journey your souls energy field can get a bit battered and worn through its many experiences, with energetic imprints (stuck emotions).

You will experience a deep soul cleanse as your souls energy field is healed and repaired with unconditional love and light to shine at it’s origianl full brightness again.

  • Soul auric field repair
  • Chakra balance
  • Mind, body, spirit aligment

Connect with your soul support team

We all have a gaurdian angel and a team of cosmic helpers to assist us on our souls journey, but they cannot be part of your journey and assist you unless you ask. You will

  • connect with your gaurdian angel
  • connect with your soul support team. 

Daily Alignment

You will learn how to ground, cleanse and protect your energy on a daily basis

  • Grounding
  • Cleansing
  • Protection

Course Delivery

  • Video guides
  • Audio Processes
  • PDF fun sheets
  • Bonus tools to clear your blocks that you can use forever

Accessable from any PC or mobile device


Clear Your Blocks & Shine Your Light

Create Inner Change
Outer Results

 Reprogram yourself to let your true-self shine through and live your soul purpose

This program is ideal for you if

  • You want to live more deeply as your authentic self
  • You want to breakthrough limitations and shine
  • Feel lost, alone or out of place on earth
  • Are always putting everything and everyone else before your needs
  • You hold back from sharing your gifts or message with the world
  • You feel heavy and dissatisfied with what your doing, but are not sure what to do
  • You have a niggling feeling that you should be doing something else
  • Feel stuck, tired or frustrated in your life
  • You have a vision of what you want to do, but you sabatage yourself
  • You question your gifts are good enough or will be accepted and valued

This program is NOT for you if 

  • You don’t like doing inner work

Let’s clear those success blocks and reprogram your mind, body and energetic system for success today

What Our Others Are Saying

Don’t just take it from me, let others tell you what they think!

Thank you Philippa, it was such a wonderful experience. It was so empowering to release such limiting beliefs and blocks and also to learn about my power in more depth. I will definately be back in touch for another workshop or some persoanl sessions and I will be passing your details onto my friends. Thank you again

Nicola Snoad

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Program Creator & Facilitator

Philippa King

Intuitive Breakthrough Specialist &

Personal Freedom Teacher

I’ve been teaching and helping people to clear their blocks and create lives they love for 2 decades. I look forward to helping you to clear your soul purpose blocks and step into your full potential

Shine the Gift That You Are 

Clear your blocks and create a life you love, thriving with cosmic levels of fulfilment

What You Receive When You Enrol

Video Tutorials

Allow the video guides to take you through many of the common blocks that have been holding you back from living as your true-self.

Live Your Purpose Mind-Set

You will learn powerful techniques to connect with your subsonscious and transform your mind-set into a new level of consciousness

Audio Processes

Relax and allow my voice to guide you through done-fo-you recordings to releasing your blocks and reprogramming you with freedom.

Freedom Tools

Learn amazing techniques for dissolving your blocks, fears and resistance that you can use for the rest of your life.

PDF Process Sheets

These guides will guide you to connect with your inner wisdom. Discover your blocks to clear and shift your focus to a new way of experiencing life.


Connect with myself and others through private members only FB shine and thrive group. Share your journey of transformation.

Are you ready to clear your soul purpose blocks, start living more deeply as your true authentic self and live your fullest potential

 Access to the whole program is available for only


When you enrol you will get instant access to the program materials and then take the time that is right for you to complete the processes within the course.