Success Mastery

Clear Your Success Blocks

What are your biggest success blocks?

  • Do you feel blocked or stuck from reaching the next level?
  • Do you worry about failure?
  • Do you procrastinate or self sabotage your dreams?
  • Do you doubt yourself or compare yourself to others?
  • Do you believe that success means lots of hard work?

You know it is possible

You’ve got the skills. You know it is possible, so why does it seem so hard to breakthrough to that next level of success, I know, I get it, I’ve been there. It can be frustrating and deflating when no matter how hard you try it seems elusive.

It’s because of your programming!

The subconscious beliefs and energetic imprints that we hold about life, oursleves and success directly effect the results that we get (or don’t get) in our lives. The key to getting different results is to clear your blocks, change your programming and shift your mind-set.

And guess what? Most of these limiting programs aren’t even yours, they are handed down through society, culture, parents and ancestors, media, school and even from past lifetimes.

Clear those blocks and start enjoying success today!

It’s time to clear, release and free yourself from those outmoded fears and limiting conditioning and install new programs that you are successful, that success is fun , easy and rewarding. When you change your programming, you transform your mind-set and perspective from the inside, so that you start to attract, create and experience success in new and powerful ways in your outer life with a new level of self-belief.

Reprogram your System for
Cosmic Success

Would you like to clear your success blocks and reach new levels of successful?

This program will clear your success blocks 


Clear Success Blocks

  • Clear success fears
  • Dissolve failure fears
  • Release generations of success blocks
  • Free yourself from old vows, agreements & contracts
  • Heal past life experiences
  • Free yourself from old energetic obligations

Install New Programs

  • Redefine Success
  • Success is fun and easy
  • Success is reachable and achievable
  • Believe in yourself and your gifts
  • Acknowledge your own success within
  • You deserve success
  • Have success and freedom

Success Mind-Set

  • Align energetically with success
  • How to focus on success within
  • Project success
  • Radiate and ooze success
  • Feel comforatble with success
  • Enjoy feeling successful
  • Sack your inner critic and become your best supporter

Experience Success

  • Feel confident to move forward
  • Stop procrastinating
  • Start feeling successful straight away
  • Attract new opportunities and abundance
  • Believe in yourself and your uniques gifts
  • Freedom from self-doubt and worry

These are some of the common success blocks you will be releasing during this program

  • Life’s a struggle
  • Life is hard
  • I learn through challenge
  • What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger
  • I have to work hard for a living
  • I have to please others
  • I’m not good enough
  • I have to suffer to learn
  • I’m scared of being judged
  • I don’t deserve success 
  • I’m scared of failure
  • I’m scared of success and what changes it will bring
  • Success means harder work
  • I’ll only be successful when I have ….
  • I’m scared of moving to the next level
  • Success means being more visible
  • I have to choose between success and family / love / spirituality
  • If I’m too successful I won’t have any time for me
  • Will my family / friends accept me if I’m really successful?
  • Il never be as good as …..
  • I keep comparing myself to ……..
  • I have to be perfect
  • I have to please others
  • I seek approval from ……..
  • I’m scared of upsetting ……….. if I’m too successful
  • What if success changes me?
  • I’m afraid Il disappoint ………….
  • I have to prove my worth to ….
  • I have to do it all on my own
  • I feel blocked or stuck from moving forward
  • I have to get it right
  • I’m scared of making the wrong decision
  • I’m scared of being judged / rejected / unaccepted if I’m too successful
  • I have to do what others expect me to do
  • I feel guilty if I do what I want to do
  • Success might bring lots of responsibilty
  • Success is for others
  • Past-life obligations, duties and agreements
  • Soul contracts to stay at a ceratin level
  • Past regrets / judgements / resentments
  • Carrying burdens and responsibilites for others
  • Vows or obligations to suffer 
  • Having to prove your worth to a higher power
  • Ancestral vows
  • Fear of repeating past-life mistakes

Free yourself from success blocks and reprogram yourself for success today

Your Success level is determined by your thoughts & beliefs

“If you think you can or you think you can’t, your right”

Normal Vincent Peale

Course Content

This empowering video and audio program will guide you through pre recorded and powerful processes to clear your biggest subsconscious success blocks and reprogram your mind, body and energetic system for cosmic success. 

Bonus 1 – priceless techniques to tap into your inner wisdom and clear your own blocks

Bonus 2 – Lifetime membership to the Shine & Thrive community

Clear success fears and redefine success

What is success to you? Are you scared of failing? Or even of success and what changes might need of you and bring? 

Will my frends and family still accept me if I am mega successful? Will I have anytime for me? I’m scared of reaching the next level. These are a few of the fears that can stop you moving forward.

If you carrying subconscious programs that success is hard work or that it feels unreachable or scary then you will blocking yourself from success.

You will be recoding your mind, body and energetic system with new defintions of success being fun, fulfilling, easy

Heal the past

What have been your past experiences of success/failures?

Making mistakes is just part of learning and growing, if we hold onto and just past experiences, we label ourselves and carry heavy emotions that can block success today.

We will clearing and healing past experiences that are blocking your success today, from past-lives, ancestors and group consciousness

Freedom from burdens

Do you feel weighed down by responsibilites and obligations?

Do you do too much for others and always leave your dreams until last?

We can be carrying many old contracts, agreements, promises, responsibilities, duties and obligations from ancestors, past-live vows and our whole souls journey. These feel heavy and tiring to carry and many of them are no longer relevant to your life today, so we will be healing nd releasing all that old baggage.

Choose success now

Do you think of success being within you? Or as something distant or higher that has to be reached?

When we say “I’ll only be successful when I have …… ” you are putting success outside of yourself which throws you out of alignment with success. We will be reporgramming your system that success is within, something to emerge and grow, not reach, this will allow you to “reach” it easier.

We will also be clearing any subconsious programs about having to choose between success and love/family/spirituality and reprogramming your system that you can have it all!

Eliminate competition

Do you compare yourself to others? or catch yourself wanting what others have or resenting others success?

All these are very toxic thought patterns and emotions that block success. we will be clearing these and reprogramming your mind, body and energetic system to acknowledge your uniqueness and your capacity to create success the way you want.

Clear external blocks

We will be clearing your system of external blocks and perceptions

Do you feel pressured by family, friends, society and even from yourself to live your life a certain way? Have you been told and programmed that success is a house, a family and a certain amount of money?

In truth success is within and the external ways it manifests are a reflection of your self-belief, alignment, vision and the inspired action you take. When you do that abundance and recognition naturally flow. 

There may also be old curses, or jealosy directed towards you or your ancestors. In this module we will be clearing your system of all of that, so that your siuccess and can shine in the outer world and attract the financial and personal recognoition you deserve.


Success alignment

Now that you will have cleared away lots of blocks and fears, we will be intergrating the new highest defination of success into your energetci system.

You will then find your own unique code for success and I will guide you through bringing powerfully this into your daily life and your future so that you stay aligned with success going forward to the next level and higher and higher levels.

Success mind-set

There are a few vital elements to a success mind-set that many people miss or try to force their way through. 

To be successful, you need to think it, feel it and acknowledge it within. I will guide you through the keys to a true success mind-set, that keeps you energetically and emotionally aligned with success aswell as mentally.

Course Delivery

  • Video guides
  • Audio Processes
  • PDF fun sheets
  • Bonus tools to clear your blocks that you can use forever

Accessable from any PC or mobile device


Clear Your Blocks & Shine

Create Inner Change
Outer Results

 Reprogram yourself, your life and your career to thrive with success

This program is ideal for you if

  • You want to move forward with your life
  • You want to breakthrough to the next level with clients and dreams
  • Procrastinate and self-sabotage your dreams
  • Are always putting everything and everyone else before your dreams
  • Always telling yourself you should be happy with where you are
  • Know you have the skills, but you just can’t reach the next level of success
  • You see others succeeding where you know you could
  • Feel stuck, tired or frustrated with the results you are getting
  • You have a vision of success and you want to take action
  • You question whether what you have to offer could be successful
  • Your scared of taking action because you “have to get it right” or worry that you won’t succeed
  • You are ready to release your success blocks

This program is NOT for you if 

  • You are happy with the level of success you have reached and don’t want to go any further
  • You don’t like doing inner work
  • You think that success is only about money and power

Let’s clear those success blocks and reprogram your mind, body and energetic system for success today

What Our Others Are Saying

Don’t just take it from me, let others tell you what they think!

Thank you Philippa, it was such a wonderful experience. It was so empowering to release such limiting beliefs and blocks and also to learn about my power in more depth. I will definately be back in touch for another workshop or some persoanl sessions and I will be passing your details onto my friends. Thank you again

Nicola Snoad

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Program Creator & Facilitator

Philippa King

Intuitive Breakthrough Specialist &

Personal Freedom Teacher

I’ve been teaching and helping people to clear their blocks and create lives they love for 2 decades. I look forward to helping you to clear your success blocks and step into your full potential

Move into Success Consciousness 

Clear your blocks and create a life you love, thriving with cosmic success

What You Receive When You Enrol

Video Tutorials

Allow the video guides to take you through many of the common blocks that have been holding you back from success.

Success Mind-Set

You will learn powerful techniques to connect with your subsonscious and transform your mind-set into a new level of success consciousness

Audio Processes

Relax and allow my voice to guide you through done-fo-you recordings to releasng your blocks and reprogramming you for success.

Freedom Tools

Learn amazing techniques for dissolving your blocks, fears and resistance that you can use for the rest of your life.

PDF Process Sheets

These guides will guide you to connect with your inner wisdom. Discover your blocks to clear and shift your focus to a new way of experiencing success.


Connect with myself and others through private members only FB shine and thrive group. Share your journey of transformation.

Are you ready to clear your success blocks, reach the next level and step into your full potential

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When you enrol you will get instant access to the program materials and then take the time that is right for you to complete the processes within the course.