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Be the best version of you, clear your blocks and shine your light

You know WHAT you want!

When it comes to creating changes in your life, I know it can be mega frustrating when the results you want don’t show up for you, no matter how hard you try consciously.

It’s time to create inner change for outer results

Whether you want to…

  • Love and believe in yourself more,
  • Attract more abundance,
  • Reach the next level of success,
  • Free yourself from anxieties, fear and limiting life patterns
  • Move beyond old stories, stress, trauma and pain
  • Or expand your intuition and consciousness

I can help you to powerfully dissolve your internal barriers and give you the tools to move forward with a renewed sense of self and purpose, feeling lighter, more confident, inspired and empowered.

I want to arm you with the belief, inner tools and mind-set you need to enjoy shining as you and create a life you love thriving with self-love, freedom, fulfilment, abundance and success. With over 20 years experience as a personal development teacher, healing instructor and intuitive therapist, I know alot of nifty ways to clear your subconscious blocks and transform you inner and outer life.

Philippa King

Intuitive Breakthrough Therapist

I can help you to clear your blocks and powerfuly move forward to create a life you love.

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Create Inner Change for Outer Results

If you would like to move beyond your limitations and create a life you love inside and out, then I can help you facilitate those changes with clarity, peace and ease

Clear Your Blocks with Me

Create Inner Change
Outer Results

Reprogram yourself, your life and your business to shine & thrive in everyway

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What it’s like to work with me…

We were originally planning to do a Holotropic Breathing session (Philippa has many strings to her bow) but after a consultation we decided on a different type of session working on old patterns and beliefs. I lay in a very comfortable chair while she asked me questions, guided me in how to self heal and brought her own magical energy (and soothing voice) in to accelerate any clearing out the old and making space for the new. The theme we were working on was money and some beliefs about what it represents, how it comes and goes, self worth and reward issues and a whole host of ancestral patterns. The session was very relaxing, very revealing and left me with several new thoughts, ideas and habits. I am able to see clearly how I respond to money, challenge my patterns and be open to new ways of thinking and acting in relation to money. I hear some of the phrases Philippa shared echoing in my mind and it helps keep things clear. Since the session I have felt the freedom to start a project I have been planning for 2 years and feel much lighter when money challenges arise, not falling into the drama but seeing the bigger picture and not fixating on how it might turn out. A very talented therapist, teacher and all round angel. Thanks again, look forward to working together in the future 🙂

Cat Moyle

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How intuitive breakthrough coaching works

During these sessions you will feel safe and relaxed, like you are held in an energetic cuddle. I intuitively guide to connect with your inner wisdom where we are able to bypass your analytical brain and communicate deeply and profoundly with your bodies wisdom (subconscious) to gain clarity on your dreams, goals and also to access the root causes of your blocks, fears and whatever inner resistance is holding you back, while in a comfortable and conscious state.

Once we identify the root programs and energetic imprints blocking you, we will work intuitively through words, feelings, visualisation, images and colours to heal, dissolve and uninstall any limiting beliefs  from your inner computer and then recode your system by installing new programs and feelings that support the outcomes you want to create within yourself and your life. Most of the time the blocks we hold are not from where we think they are. With each and every block that you release, you will feel lighter, clearer and experience more clarity, inner peace and connection with your true-self.

Clear Your Blocks
Create The Life You Want

How I can help…

I’ve been teaching personal, psychic and healing development, running my own successful businesses and helping clients to clear their blocks and shine their true light for more than 20 years.

Here are a few things I’m an expert at helping you to achieve:

Personal Freedom

  • Self-love and self-worth
  • Self-belief & empowerment
  • Inner balance
  • Public speaking
  • Clear love and relationship blocks
  • Connecting to your creative flow
  • Freedom from fears & phobias
  • Move beyond trauma & abuse
  • Freedom from pain, stress & anxiety related issues

Creating Your Dreams

  • Abundance
  • Success
  • Manifesting
  • Reaching the next level
  • Freedom from self-sabotage & procrastination
  • Finding your authentic message
  • Getting the best clients for you
  • Geting more clients
  • Making money doing what you lover

Spiritual/Psychic Expansion

  • Grounding & daily energy care
  • How to balance your chakras
  • Developing your psychic and intuitive skills
  • Connecting with your guides, angels and cosmic soul support team
  • Develop your healing abilities
  • Teaching a wide variety of healing modalities

Ready to get started?

Let’s talk! Book a complementary 15-minute connection session with me to talk about what changes you want to create, where you’re stuck and how I can help you to move forward. It’s also an opportunity to connect and see if we and the way I work resonates with you.

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