I came across Philippa when I was in deep need of help as my therapist was away for a while.... ever since my first visit Philippa has helped me out a lot with the issues that have arisen and helped heal them 😇 I am very grateful for all the hard work and heart that Philippa puts in. No other therapy can match what she offers, her approach is just so different and very unique and involves a lot of experience from her part, while at the same time making it easy for me to release what needs to be dealt with in a delicate manner. Thank you, your work is not easy and I don't know how you make me feel so relaxed.... Love and Hugs, Anna 💛💖💛

Anna Galka February 5, 2018

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Having just attended a Manifesting and Abundance weekend workshop with Philippa, I can't recommend training with her enough. The training is life changing and Philippa covers each topic in great depth. She holds a safe space and her teaching style is amazing. I feel confident to take the skills learnt during the last days to aid  my life and my clients transformations. Thanks for these lifelong skills I can take forward into practice.

Sarah Hampton-Massiah https://starlighttherapies.com/ February 5, 2018

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You know what you want…

  • More money, more success, more clients
  • To reach the next level
  • To sack your inner critic and finally love and believe in yourself
  • To leave the past and struggle behind you and move on
  • To feel more aligned and connected to your true-self

But you’re not getting there

  • You feel stuck, blocked or lost
  • You’ve been trying your hardest
  • Putting in loads of conscious effort
  • Doing the affirmations, visualising and efforting
  • But you just can’t quite seem to get the results you want
  • Or access the changes you want within yourself
  • You’re  feeeling tired and frustrated 
  • Why is it so it making these changes is so hard and elsuive?

It’s because of your programming!

The subconscious beliefs and energetic imprints that we hold about life and ourselves directly effect the results that we get (or don’t get) in our lives. The key to getting different results is to clear your blocks, change your programming and shift your mind-set.

And guess what? Most of these limiting programs aren’t even yours, they are handed down through society, culture, parents and ancestors, media, school and even from past lifetimes. This old conditioning and limiting programming gets in the way of your freedom today, holding you back, causing internal fears, self-sabotage and procrastination or worse still feeling totally stuck.

Until you clear your blocks and change your inner programming you will continue to get the same reults in your life and the things you want to achieve within yourself and your life will feel like an internal battle and uphill struggle, I know I’ve been there too!


I can help you clear your internal blocks and move forward with clarity, confidence and an improved sense of self

I can help you to powerfully breakthrough your blocks, shed your fears & step into your power, living more fully as your true-self and getting the results you want in your life.

You are a unique, dynamic soul  powerful creator

I see eveyone that I work with as a unique gifted soul and there is nothing I love more than assisting you to move beyond challenges and heal whats holding you back from inner happiness and well-being. I can intuitively help you to peel away and move beyond the layers of old stories, fears, conditioning and limiting beliefs that have been holding you back from being your true-self, expressing your gifts and ceating a life over flowing with inner well-being and contentment, success, abundance and creative flow.

You are a powerful creator

By working deeply with your bodies wisdom, I can help you to access all the resources within you to heal and free yourself of the subconscious fears, blocks and limitations that have been getting in your way and reprogram your mind, body and energetic system to recognise and appreciate your true value, worth and inner gifts and create the life you want.  As we release your blocks and install new programs of safety, self-belief, self-worth, abundance and success your life will transform on the outside  Are you ready to take your next steps to become the master of your life and your destiny?

Hey there

I’m Philippa,

I’m passionate about empowering beautiful souls just like you to clear your blocks and fears, move beyond old stories and painful emotions, so that you can move forward feeling freer, with an improved sense of self and emotional well-being, ready to create a new story in your life, loving and believing in yourself and bringing your gifts forward to create a fulfilled life that you love, inside and out.

I’m an intuitive breakthrough therapist, energy healer, personal and spiritual development teacher and manifesting mindset mentor for those of you seeking a life of freedom, happiness, self-expression and contentment. I’ve been empowering people to free themselves from blocks and fears, to love, value, appreciate and enjoy being their true-selves for 20 years, individually and through teaching courses and workshops Internationally and online.

I bring a powerful mix of compassionate intuition, practical, down to earth skills and 2 decades of deep soul belief and energy work to intuitively assist you in accessing your inner resources, resolving inner conflicts and finding new levels of inner joy, peace, balance and strength to move forward with clarity and wholeness. 

It’s not until we start clearing our blocks and creating powerful changes inside that we start to see our lives change on the outside. Are you ready to heal and move beyond your inner and outer challenges and start to create the life that you love?

Philippa King

UK Trained, Accredited and Fully Insured 

Clear Your Blocks with Me 

Create Inner Change
Outer Results

Reprogram yourself, your life and your business to shine & thrive in everyway

I’m Passionate About…

The Mind, Body & Spirit Connection

Teahing and Empowering People

Clearing Blocks and Manifesting

Travelling, Exploring and Creating a Fun Life

My Journey

I have always been very intuitive and passionate about personal/spiritual development and the mind/body/higher consciousness connection. After being lucky enough to have wonderful teachers on this path since being a teenager, I then had a make a choice between conventional psychology or a more holistic approach, I chose the latter, because of the powerful shifts I had experienced through working with the bodies intuitive wisdom, not just the mind.

After completeing a years intensive hypnotherapy training, I was involved in a bad car accident at 21 years old, which left me with debiliating anxiety and depression, I went from being super confident to withdrawn and down. It became clear that the crash had surfaced other undealt with traumas.

I healed these through the mind/body/spirit modalities that I knew and many new ones on my recovery journey, even more amazed and inspired than ever by the power of these modalities to overcome big challenges, traumas and fears. I trained in these modalities and started helping others to heal from trauma and get themselves and their lives back on track.

But the life I wanted to create wasn’t as easy as I hoped…… After a couple of years, I had a flow of regular clients, but I was struggling to take my own holistic business to the next level.  I was trying to juggle my self-employed business, a holistic teaching postition at a local college and studying for a degree . I knew that I really wanted to do what I loved full-time, but felt blocked from making the final leap. I was an expert in my area, very experienced and yet still making that complete jump into the life of my dreams seemed tiring, challenging and elusive. Why wasn’t it working? Why couldn’t I make that transition to my full-time dreams? I knew I was good at manifesting and that what I was offering was valuable and worthwhile, and what I felt was my true soul purpose, it was so frustrating! Why couldn’t I reach the next level?

That was when I discovered how to identify, heal and release my unconscious blocks, WOW!

I discovered that it was the fears, subconsious programs and energetic imprints that had been carrying that had been blocking myself all along! And most of them were handed down from others, society or past life-times. I had money blocks, fears about being a healer from past-lifetimes and many more. So I started to heal and clear them, replacing them with new beliefs that supported the life I wanted to create. 

And guess what? My whole life started to change, fast!

And so did I. I felt lighter, happier, freer, less mental chatter, more inner peace and self belief than ever before.  Within 6 months I was living in my dream house, which I can tell you I thought was impossible. The debt’s from my studies, that had be looming over my future started to dissolve and disappear. My business took off in ways I had never imagined possible and now my life is unrecognisable, I started teaching workshops locally and then Internationally and this is where I really found my calling!

Since then I’ve taught hundreds of workshops assisting people to release their blocks, embrace their true-selves  and manifest their dreams. I now live on a beautiful island, running a mega successful international business that contributes to me and my life daily and to the world by doing what I love. It doesn’t feel like work, It’s fun, exciting and fulfilling and gives me the lifestyle of time, freedom and inner peace that I have always craved and new was possible. And it just keeps expanding and getting better everyday. 

I’m not saying it’s all been easy peasy, there have been challenges and learning curves along the way, but they have all brought there own rewards.

As my business expanded and grew, I realised I had to become an internet expert, social media guru, public speaker, writer and sales person! Hold on a minute I thought, I’m a holistic specialist, I just love helping people, do I really need to learn all this? All of it seemed a bit overwhelming back then, but I learned it all and now my life is happier and my business is booming like never before!  

My work has continued to evolve to really support people throughout the process of creating and developing their dreams, projects and businesses. Whether it’s getting more clients, clearing their fears or taking their next steps forward, I can help you to connect with all your inner resources and move beyond those limitations!

I love the mix of bringing all my practical business knowledge and intuitive skills together to assist beautiful souls to clear out all their blocks, fears, self-sabotage and procrastination and get going, bringing their true self, gifts and abilities into the world.  I know how challenging the business side of it was for me back then, and now with the internet and social media, there are far more possibilities to make money doing what you love, but I know it can seem overwhelming and time consuming, so I’ve also created The Soul Purpose Business Program to take you step-by-step through clearing your blocks and creating a business doing what you love.

I look forward to assiting you on your journey to shining your true-self and create a thriving life.

Love and light


My Biggest Loves…


Art & Crafts


My Dog Pickle

Clear Your Blocks with Me 

Create Inner Change
Outer Results

y Reprogram yourself and your life to shine & thrive in everyway





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