Reviews and Testimonials

Thank you Philippa, it was such a wonderful experience. It was so empowering to release such limiting beliefs and blocks and also to learn about my power in more depth. I will definately be back in touch for another workshop or some persoanl sessions and I will be passing your details onto my friends. Thank you again

Nicola Snoad November 20, 2017

I had my First Level Theta course last year and it was great. At first I just got a fantastic sense of inner peace and harmony but in just a few days the whole of my life got a boost. I was feeling as if I were on a runway, ready to take off. I did not know my destination, but a lot of things happened in just a few weeks, completely changing my life. Now I can't wait to take my 2nd Level with Philippa, a fantastic teacher! Sharing my Theta experience with her has been really great, she is helpful and patient, her positive energy flows all around. Thank you 

Alessandro Razze February 5, 2018

We were originally planning to do a Holotropic Breathing session (Philippa has many strings to her bow) but after a consultation we decided on a different type of session working on old patterns and beliefs. I lay in a very comfortable chair while she asked me questions, guided me in how to self heal and brought her own magical energy (and soothing voice) in to accelerate any clearing out the old and making space for the new. The theme we were working on was money and some beliefs about what it represents, how it comes and goes, self worth and reward issues and a whole host of ancestral patterns. The session was very relaxing, very revealing and left me with several new thoughts, ideas and habits. I am able to see clearly how I respond to money, challenge my patterns and be open to new ways of thinking and acting in relation to money. I hear some of the phrases Philippa shared echoing in my mind and it helps keep things clear. Since the session I have felt the freedom to start a project I have been planning for 2 years and feel much lighter when money challenges arise, not falling into the drama but seeing the bigger picture and not fixating on how it might turn out. A very talented therapist, teacher and all round angel. Thanks again, look forward to working together in the future 🙂

Cat Moyle February 5, 2018

I have just had a recent session with Philippa. She holds a safe space for healing to occur and her approach is calm, powerful and awe-inspiring. I experienced amazing shifts in conciousness with this healing and clearing work. My session goal was to aid public speaking which was blocked due to past life and past dimensional planetary memories. Pip cleared these quickly and following the session I immediately felt I would be able to speak publicly. She guided me and cleared blocks from various areas of the body that held the memories. This energy healing and clearing works in a profound and 'new' way. I highly recommend this healing work. It has really aided me to overcome business blocks. I will be booking in for the full business programme. Thanks for aiding my career progression.

Sarah Hampton Massiah February 5, 2018

Philippa is absolutely lovely and the sessions were brilliant. I have felt much better for them and after many months of pain feel like I'm finally able to improve. Not to mention that I also just feel better in myself and more relaxed.
I highly recommend her and Theta healing. Thanks Philippa  x

Penny Allen February 5, 2018

Excellently intuitive, very friendly and very patient with me - I'm getting great result.

Nafeesah Aarzoo February 5, 2018

Having just attended a Manifesting and Abundance weekend workshop with Philippa, I can't recommend training with her enough. The training is life changing and Philippa covers each topic in great depth. She holds a safe space and her teaching style is amazing. I feel confident to take the skills learnt during the last days to aid  my life and my clients transformations. Thanks for these lifelong skills I can take forward into practice.

Sarah Hampton-Massiah February 5, 2018

Philippa I just wanted to thank you for the amazing learning, healing and experience of the Basic and Advanced Theta Healing course and retreat in Malta. It has been revolutionary on all levels, personal, professional, synchronicity, manifestation, my list could go on and go. You are a fantastic and patient teacher with a very kind nature and big heart; I feel privileged to have learnt with you. Thank you for being so genuine and open on the course and for all the wonderful extras too, taking us to the beautiful sights, beaches and views in Gozo. I feel I have already entered a new shiny phase and I'm so happy and excited about life and can't wait to share these amazing skills with people as a Theta practitioner. Life just exploded in a phenomenal way!

Renata Spinelly Martins February 5, 2018

I came across Philippa when I was in deep need of help as my therapist was away for a while.... ever since my first visit Philippa has helped me out a lot with the issues that have arisen and helped heal them 😇 I am very grateful for all the hard work and heart that Philippa puts in. No other therapy can match what she offers, her approach is just so different and very unique and involves a lot of experience from her part, while at the same time making it easy for me to release what needs to be dealt with in a delicate manner. Thank you, your work is not easy and I don't know how you make me feel so relaxed.... Love and Hugs, Anna 💛💖💛

Anna Galka February 5, 2018